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You did great helping me to get myself prepared for the trial, particularly my mindset going into the hearing, difficult as it was.

Rochelle R. St. Paul, MN

It was your hard work, your focus and your determination that made the hearing go so smooth

Wendy S. Portland, OR

You certainly made a difficult and somewhat confusing situation at times very easy.

Cheryl G. Plymouth, MA

If you have to file a new Social Security claim, don't do it on your own unless your disease is on the Compassionate Allowance List located on SSA website. If you get a letter that SSA is re-evaluating your disability claim, don't do that on your own either. If you have to appeal a decision or go in front of an Administrative Law Judge, do not do it by yourself! If I had called The Social Security Law Group right away, I think I'd be in a much different predicament than the one that I am in now. Their experience can help you navigate through the ridiculous hurdles that are thrown your way by the administration.

Amanda Austin, TX